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Domestic Maid Insurance

Note: Please have the following information ready to proceed this application:
1. In-Principle Approval / Renewal notice from Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
2. Maid's passport details and
3. Visa/MasterCard credit card details

Statement Pursuant to Section 25(5) of the Insurance Act, Singapore: You are to disclose in this Proposal Form fully and faithfully all the facts which you know or ought to know, otherwise the policy issued hereunder may be void.
Particulars of the Employer / Proposer
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Particulars of the Maid / Insured Person
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Policy Information
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Period of Insurance:
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(or until the cessation of the employment whichever is the earlier)


Choose a Plan:

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Premium Before GST
Bond Protector:
(Subject to an excess of S$200)
Philippine Embassy Bond:


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